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Announcements : Apply for graduation and diploma

Announcement: Apply for graduation and diploma

Spring 2024 deadline: Feb 1
January 9, 2024

IMPORTANT:  Taking more or fewer courses during your studies may affect the date you are expected to graduate, so plan ahead. 

Completing this SPRING?  (Spring Trimester or Spring Semester)
The deadline to apply for graduation and your diploma is no later than February 1

Completing this SUMMER? (May 22, 2024 - August 11, 2024)
The deadline to apply for graduation and your diploma is no later than July 1

DO NOT DELAY. Current Students must log into Spirit Online and then click the “Apply for Graduation” link to submit their application. Don’t delay in submitting your application! The application is quick and takes just a few minutes to submit.

  • Know your I-20 program end date.  Is the date correct?  Are you completing all requirements before or after the date? Email if you need to know what to do. 
  • Pay any university balances so your diploma is not delayed. 
  • Verify that you will meet all program requirements by the end of your last semester of study. You can do this in the Student Planner or by checking with your academic adviser. 

Enrollment Services website: Graduation and Degree Conferral for graduation fees, requirements, and to check for any changes.